Beginning in the summer of 2014 Cincinnati area singer/songwriter, Drew Lanius, and Cincinnati
area guitarist, Jay Aronoff, assembled a world class group of area musicians for a BRAND NEW kind of project.

From the very start the concept was to work in the local music scene at the verybest places of live entertainment playing a variety of music that we all know and love and
simultaneously work on original music.

Lanius and Aronoff had already been working the Cincinnati scene for nearly a year before the process of adding additional band members had begun, but one thing was certain…
Brandon Schlunt MUST be the drummer.
Brandon, a longtime friend and former band mate of Aronoff’s, successful in his own business of healthy, organic and gluten free meal delivery ( has a very unique vision of a song. Drawing from the pool of progressive classics like Genesis and Yes, Schlunt opens the door for musical expression in a very dynamic way.

Jay Aronoff & Drew Lanius

Mark Campbell was officially added as the band’s bassist in August of 2015 rounding out the rhythm section. Campbell, already an accomplished musician and songwriter brings an additional layer of progressive rock to the mix and neatly ties the whole package together. The band began recording the first original music in November of 2014 and are working toward a goal of an EP by the end of Summer 2015. Eden Park Band’s steady schedule of LIVE performances has helped to keep the focus on quality in other aspects of the band’s development. Primarily the recording of original music. “If we’ve got to live with it for the rest of our lives, we should get it right no matter how long it takes” said Eden Park Band drummer Brandon Schlunt. The band enlisted the help of NEW FIDELITY PRODUCTIONS and producer/engineer Elton Clifton to bring out the best qualities in the songs and the musicianship. The DEBUT of the band’s epic “Laying Good Men Down” on February 27, 2015 and followed by the CD Single RELEASE on Tuesday, March 17th will mark the official beginning of the band’s CD project which YOU can contribute to by clicking the link below.

Eden Park Band

The band worked primarily as a 4 piece, but eventually added Jim Connerley on keys. Connerley, a Jazz piano player from Northern Kentucky is an incredibly accomplished player and adds a great layer of musical depth to the band with his broad repertoire and skill level.

This is…

Eden Park Band